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India’s leading shipbuilding company, Mazagon Dock Shipbuilders Limited (MDL) is boosting its research and Development activities in the development of many components and systems that will result in the development of a Truly Indigenous Conventional submarine for the Indian Navy as per Industrials sources close to

MDL that made French Scorpene Class submarines in India under Licensing agreements is developing Lithium-ion battery packs and Battery monitoring systems for current and for the proposed Indigenous Conventional submarine programs.

MDL is also developing the MS-X02A, a Midget submarine Prototype, which the company claims will be ready by end of 2024 for internal trials and used in maritime missions such as infiltrating combat swimmers into an enemy port or planting limpet mines on the hull of target vessels.

MDL and Indian Navy are working together to develop pump-jet propulsion for its Nuclear and Non-Nuclear submarine programs and other submarine technology that can be later used to develop 12 next-generation Conventional submarines with Warship Design Bureau (WDB) by 2030.

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