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European multinational developer and manufacturer of missiles, MBDA will be offering its Exocet AM39 an airborne version of the Exocet anti-ship missile to Indian Navy to be equipped on 26 Rafale M fighter jets to be equipped on the Indian Aircraft carrier.

Exocet AM39 is a 670 kg very low altitude over the sea (sea-skimming) anti-ship missile with a range of 70km with Fire and Forget Capabilities. Exocet AM39 also has been offered by MBDA to be equipped on India’s TEDBF, 4.5gen Deck-based fighter jet that is under development and also for the LCA-Navy.

MBDA officials will be displaying models of the missile at the upcoming Aero India 2023 exhibitions. MBDA also confirmed that integration of ASRAAM CCM for the Tejas Mk1A is moving smoothly and the aircraft will have Close Combat Missile operational when Tejas Mk1A starts getting inducted into IAF.

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