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Mazagon Dock Shipbuilders Limited (MDL) is intensifying efforts to significantly increase the indigenization content of the Kalvari class submarines, aiming to elevate it from the current 32% to an impressive 60%. Sanjeev Singhal, the Director of Finance at MDL, confirmed this ambitious plan, highlighting the progress made in indigenizing critical components and expressing the commitment to enhance India’s self-reliance in submarine construction.

MDL has undertaken a comprehensive initiative to indigenize key components of the Kalvari class submarines, a crucial step towards reducing dependency on foreign imports. Singhal revealed that out of the Major 165 equipment, 30 have already undergone successful indigenization processes. The ongoing efforts encompass a broad spectrum of components, including combat systems, integrated combat systems, attack periscope, search optronics mast, sonar and navigation equipment, communication equipment, and the essential HP air compressor.

The successful indigenization of these critical components demonstrates MDL’s commitment to advancing the capabilities of India’s submarine construction industry. The progress made so far positions MDL as a key player in bolstering the indigenous manufacturing ecosystem, aligning with the government’s vision of achieving self-sufficiency in defense production.

Enhancing the indigenization content of the Kalvari class submarines carries strategic significance, contributing to India’s self-reliance in defense manufacturing. By reducing reliance on external sources for critical components, MDL is playing a pivotal role in strengthening India’s maritime defense capabilities. The move aligns with the broader goals of the Make in India initiative, fostering domestic expertise and ensuring the country’s readiness in the naval domain.

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