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Engine Factory Avadi (EFA), a pillar of India’s military might, has achieved a landmark feat: 100% indigenization of the UTD 20 engine, powering the backbone of India’s armored fleet – the BMP infantry combat vehicles and other battle support vehicles. This accomplishment marks a significant stride towards self-reliance in critical defense technology.

The UTD 20 engine is a potent workhorse, delivering the muscle needed for these versatile combat vehicles to navigate challenging terrain and engage in intense operations. Its robust design and reliable performance have been proven under demanding conditions, making it a trusted asset for the Indian Army.

Prior to this indigenization, the UTD 20 engine was partially imported, creating dependencies and vulnerabilities. EFA, in collaboration with Indian vendors, embarked on a challenging journey to master the engine’s intricate technology. This involved meticulous reverse engineering, meticulous sourcing of high-quality materials, and overcoming the hurdles of a complex delivery valve design.

The intricate delivery valve, a crucial component for fuel injection and engine efficiency, posed a significant challenge. EFA engineers, in collaboration with Indian partners, toiled tirelessly to understand its nuances and replicate its precise manufacturing process. This unwavering dedication resulted in a breakthrough, mastering the valve and paving the way for complete indigenization.

The successful indigenization of the UTD 20 engine extends beyond powering combat vehicles. It signifies a giant leap towards self-reliance in critical defense technology. This achievement fosters job creation within the Indian manufacturing sector, strengthens the domestic defense ecosystem, and reduces dependence on foreign imports.

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