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Garden Reach Shipbuilders and Engineers (GRSE) is gearing up for a significant milestone in Indian shipbuilding. The state-owned shipyard is on track to deliver the first of its indigenously built Project-17 Alpha (P-17A) frigates, named “Mahendragiri,” by mid-2025, with an estimated delivery date of August 2025. This marks a crucial step towards self-reliance in India’s defense sector.

GRSE is making steady progress on the remaining P-17A frigates. The second and third ships are currently at 55% and 43% completion stages, respectively, with anticipated deliveries in February and August of 2026.

The P-17A frigates represent a significant leap forward for the Indian Navy. These next-generation warships boast a formidable 75% indigenous content, showcasing India’s growing prowess in shipbuilding. Their maiden voyage on the Arabian Sea in September 2023 marked a historic moment for the nation.

These frigates are packed with cutting-edge technology, featuring state-of-the-art weapons, sensors, an advanced action information system, and an integrated platform management system. Building upon the Project 17 (Shivalik Class) frigates, the P-17A class boasts superior stealth capabilities, improved weaponry and sensor systems, and advanced platform management.

A total of seven P-17A frigates are currently under construction at both GRSE and Mazagon Dock Shipbuilders Limited (MDL). This project not only bolsters India’s naval defense but also highlights the nation’s Warship Design Bureau’s expertise in crafting technologically advanced warships.

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