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The Defense Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) for a while has been working on a new Long Range Anti-Ship Missile (LRAShM), is poised to revolutionize India’s naval capabilities.

The LRAShM is a game-changing quasi-ballistic trajectory Anti-Ship Missile (AShM) that is currently under fabrication and is scheduled for testing in early 2024. The missile boasts an impressive range of 1500 kilometers, making it a formidable force in combating maritime threats in both littoral and open sea regions.

The strategic significance of the LRAShM lies in its ability to strike targets with unprecedented precision and at an extended range, providing Indian naval forces with a substantial advantage over potential adversaries. The missile’s quasi-ballistic trajectory enables it to soar to high altitudes, akin to a ballistic missile, before homing in on its target at high speeds. This unique flight profile allows the LRAShM to evade enemy defences and strike with remarkable accuracy, making it a potent asset in India’s naval arsenal.

The LRAShM is designed to fulfil multiple roles, primarily serving as part of the Coastal Defense batteries. Coastal regions are of critical importance to national security, and safeguarding these areas from potential maritime threats is a paramount concern. The missile’s long-range capability ensures that India’s coastal boundaries are well-protected, thwarting any hostile naval incursions and safeguarding vital installations and economic interests.

Furthermore, the versatility of the LRAShM extends beyond coastal defence, as it will also be installed on frontline warships of the Indian Navy. Equipping naval vessels with this advanced missile system enhances their offensive capabilities, enabling them to engage hostile ships and targets at an unprecedented distance. With the LRAShM on board, Indian warships will have a significant reach advantage, enabling them to neutralize threats even before they come within striking distance.

As the LRAShM enters the testing phase in early 2024, anticipation and excitement surround its performance and capabilities. The successful realization of this project will mark a significant milestone in India’s journey towards becoming a dominant force in the maritime domain.

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