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Residents of Panjim, Goa, were surprised last night by the sight of two MiG-29K fighter jets flying at a low altitude around 2 am. The Indian Navy has since clarified that this was a routine training exercise simulating an attack scenario.

The low-flying jets undoubtedly caused a stir among Panjim residents, who are not accustomed to witnessing such military activity at night. The unexpected sight likely startled many and raised questions about the purpose of the exercise.

The Indian Navy has moved swiftly to address any concerns. Officials confirmed to that the low-flying maneuver was part of a pre-planned training exercise. The specific scenario practiced involved simulating an attack, which likely explains the low altitude of the jets.

The Indian Navy operates a base in Vasco called INS Hansa, which houses MiG-29K fighter jets. These jets are frequently deployed for regular sorties, and nighttime training exercises are a standard part of pilot training and maintaining combat readiness.