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BrahMos Aerospace and the Indian Navy are currently negotiating the development of a submarine-launched cruise missile based on the BrahMos. The missile is expected to have a range of 800-1000km and will be launched from the Vertical Launch Systems (VLS) of a submarine that is under consideration for the six submarines that are to be acquired as part of Project-75I.

The BrahMos Supersonic cruise missile had previously demonstrated the capability to be launched from a pontoon-based silo at a depth of 40-50 meters several years ago. However, as the Indian Navy did not possess submarines equipped with a Vertical Launching System (VLS) at that time, the previous variant had a limited range of 300km.

The program successfully achieved all its mission objectives, including the technology required to launch cruise missiles from a dived submarine using a pontoon-based silo.

As part of Project-75I and Project-76, the Indian Navy’s future submarines, which are expected to be acquired in the next 20 years, will be equipped with Vertical Launching Systems (VLS). The submarines will be fitted with sub-sonic Cruise missile variants of the Long-Range Land Attack Cruise Missile (LRLACM) and BrahMos SLCM, enhancing their operational capabilities and strengthening India’s defence preparedness.

In addition to the previously mentioned developments, BrahMos Aerospace is currently working on the BRAHMOS-NG, which is capable of being launched from submarine torpedo tubes and has a range of 300km. This technology can also be retrofitted onto the current Kalvari-class submarines, further augmenting their capabilities and enhancing the Indian Navy’s defence preparedness.

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