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Russia’s Yantar Shipyard has finally launched long-delayed sea trials for the Indian Navy’s first Project 11356 frigate, the “Tushil.” The warship was seen departing the shipyard in a recent video, marking a significant milestone after over a year of setbacks.

The “Tushil’s” construction was originally slated for completion in August 2023. However, the project encountered multiple delays. Initial setbacks due to COVID-19 pushed the timeline back by nine months, and the ongoing war in Ukraine caused further delays of six months.

Despite the setbacks, the “Tushil” was launched in October 2021. With sea trials now underway, India is expected to take delivery of the frigate by mid-2024.

The “Tushil” is the first of four Project 11356 frigates contracted by India in November 2018. Two frigates will be built by Yantar in Russia, while the remaining two will be constructed at Goa Shipyard Limited in India.

Project 11356 frigates are designed for combat operations in both shallow and deep waters. They are equipped to engage submarines, warships, and aerial threats, operating independently or as part of a larger formation.

The “Tushil” boasts an arsenal of weaponry including a 100mm A-190 artillery gun, anti-aircraft missiles (including the Kalibr and Shtil systems, designated as BrahMos in India), and torpedo launchers. The frigate can also accommodate a Ka-27 helicopter or its variants.

With a displacement of 3,620 tons, a length of 124.8 meters, and a top speed of 30 knots, the “Tushil” is a formidable addition to the Indian Navy’s fleet. Its cruising range of 4,850 nautical miles ensures operational flexibility in safeguarding India’s maritime interests.

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