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Lokesh Machine Limited has been awarded a contract worth ?42.6 million by the Northern Command of the Indian Army. The order, secured on May 31, 2024, involves the supply of submachine guns known as the 9×19 mm Machine Pistol (ASMI) along with accessories.

The Indian Army is expected to take delivery of the complete order by September 28, 2024. Notably, Lokesh Machine Limited was the second-lowest bidder (L2) in the tender, with Jindal emerging as the lowest bidder (L1).

The ASMI, which stands for Advanced Submachine Gun Indigenous, is a domestically designed and produced 9x19mm submachine gun (SMG). It fires the 9x19mm Parabellum cartridge, a common caliber among the Indian Army and other security forces in the country. The ASMI’s development began in January 2021, and it is expected to replace the existing 9mm pistols currently used by Indian defense forces.

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