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Under Project Zorawar, India’s Light Tank will be the first to be fitted with loitering munitions that could be very efficient weapons against tanks and Armoured vehicles. has learned that the Indian Army plans to integrate these munitions as standard non-line-of-sight strike loitering munitions into their Main Battle Tanks, such as the T-90 and Arjun Mk1A, to enhance the Armored Corps’ effectiveness.

Following a thorough analysis of recent conflicts, like that in Ukraine, the Indian Army has determined that loitering munitions are more effective than Armed UAVs in taking out Main Battle Tanks. Project Zorawar will thus incorporate these munitions after careful consideration of new advancements in technology and a study of their effectiveness.

Loitering munitions are considered highly effective against tanks and Armoured vehicles. Equipped with an electro-optical guided system, they can locate, track, and strike both stationary and moving targets.

These munitions boast unique flight qualities, advanced airborne guidance and navigation systems, precision attack capabilities, and fully integrated communication links with C4 stations. The military can independently locate and attack time-sensitive targets using these sensors.

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