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According to a report in the Times Now, Lockheed Martin-owned Sikorsky company and Tata are planning to locally manufacture S-76D helicopters in a Corporate or VIP role in India. S-76 is well-known for its work in VIP transportation and utility work and more than 800 plus helicopters have been manufactured since 1977.

Sikorsky S-76 is in civil service around the world with airlines, corporations, hospitals, and government operators including ten countries that rely on the S-76 for the Head of State mission but it also in limited military usage with half a dozen countries.

S-76 over the years has been upgraded with new technology including new rotor blades and Pratt & Whitney Canada PW200S turboshaft engines developed specifically for helicopter application. S-76D is the latest upgraded variant that is under production and the same might be produced in India if the talks conclude into a deal between both companies.

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