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A recent leak of data allegedly linked to a Chinese cybersecurity contractor has raised concerns about potential cyberattacks on Indian government agencies and businesses. The leaked information, reviewed by India Today’s Open-Source Intelligence team, suggests that hackers associated with the Chinese government may have targeted key offices like the Prime Minister’s Office, Ministry of Finance, Ministry of External Affairs, Ministry of Home Affairs, as well as private entities like Reliance Industries Limited and Air India.

The leak reportedly includes thousands of documents, images, and chat messages associated with iSoon, a company believed to be connected to China’s Ministry of Public Security. The information suggests that iSoon may have been involved in a series of cyberattacks on Indian targets, potentially including data theft and surveillance operations.

While the extent of the data breach and the specific details of the alleged attacks remain unclear, the leak highlights the growing threat of cyberespionage and the need for vigilance. Notably, the leak mentions the retrieval of 5.49GB of data from the Ministry of Home Affairs during the height of India-China border tensions in 2021.

This incident underscores the importance of robust cybersecurity measures for both government agencies and businesses. It also raises concerns about the potential use of cyberattacks as a tool of state-sponsored aggression. Indian authorities are investigating the leak and its implications, and it is expected that further details will emerge in the coming days.