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At the Dubai Airshow 2023, India’s Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL) announced the successful integration of the Al Tariq precision-guided weapon (PGW) onto the LCA-Tejas fighter jet. The Al Tariq PGW is a UAE-developed weapon system manufactured by EDGE Group subsidiary Al Tariq.

According to sources familiar with the program, feasibility studies have been conducted to ensure the safe and seamless integration of the PGW with the LCA-Tejas aircraft. Trials of the Al Tariq PGW are scheduled for the first half of next year.

The integration of the Al Tariq PGW into the LCA-Tejas fighter jet is a significant development that enhances the platform’s capabilities and showcases its ability to adapt a wide range of weapons from different countries. The LCA-Tejas’ open architecture allows it to deploy Russian, American, Israeli, and even UAE-developed weapons systems.

India’s keenness to integrate the Al Tariq PGW is driven by its desire to strengthen the LCA-Tejas’ appeal in the Middle Eastern and African markets, where the UAE has considerable influence. By integrating a UAE-developed weapon system, India aims to position the LCA-Tejas as a more attractive option for potential buyers in these regions.

The successful integration of the Al Tariq PGW is a testament to the capabilities of both the LCA-Tejas fighter jet and the Al Tariq PGW. It demonstrates India’s commitment to developing and manufacturing advanced weapons systems and its willingness to collaborate with international partners to enhance its defence capabilities.

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