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The LCA-Tejas, India’s indigenous light combat aircraft, is set to receive a significant capability boost with the integration of the HAMMER precision-guided munition. Developed by Safran Electronics & Defense, a leading French aerospace and defense company, HAMMER has shown immense potential in enhancing the operational capabilities of fighter jets.

According to the ADA (Aeronautical Development Agency) Annual report, the carriage trials of the HAMMER missile on the LCA-Tejas have commenced. The successful release trial of the munition on LSP7 (Limited Series Production 7) was conducted on March 31, 2022, with PV6 (Prototype Vehicle 6) serving as the chase aircraft. This development comes after, first reported on the impending live firing trials of the missile.

The HAMMER munition is a precision-guided weapon system that provides the LCA-Tejas with enhanced strike capabilities, especially in high-altitude areas like Eastern Ladakh. With the ongoing geopolitical situation in the region, bolstering India’s aerial firepower in such challenging terrains becomes crucial.

The LCA-Tejas fighter jets have been strategically positioned at Awantipur Air Force Station in Kashmir to allow both the crew and the machines to acclimatize to the demanding high-altitude regions. This preparation is vital as two squadrons of upgraded Tejas Mk1 are scheduled to be stationed here after deliveries commence in 2024.

The successful integration and trial of the HAMMER munition mark a significant milestone for the LCA-Tejas program and India’s defense capabilities. The precision-guided munition equips the indigenous fighter jets with enhanced accuracy and targeting capabilities, making them even more potent assets in combat scenarios.

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