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Krishna Defence & Allied Industries Limited, formerly known as Krishna Allied Industries Ltd, is at the forefront of India’s defence manufacturing landscape. The company is renowned for its specialized products, which play a crucial role in enhancing the operational efficiency and resilience of the Indian Navy and Army.

Krishna Defence offers a range of specialized products tailored for naval applications. One of their flagship offerings includes Bulb Bars and Steel Components, which are essential in constructing naval warship hulls. These components are not only lightweight and engineered for efficiency but also exhibit exceptional strength and durability, ensuring the robustness of the vessels.

Another critical product is Ballast Bricks, which are designed with a low magnetic signature. This feature is paramount in naval warfare as it makes the vessels less detectable by enemy sensors, thereby enhancing stealth and operational security. The company’s specialized weld products, including wires, flux, and electrodes, are engineered for underwater welding and other critical naval platforms. These products boast high impact toughness, ensuring reliability and safety in challenging environments.

Krishna Defence has also made significant strides in supporting the Indian Army. The company provides Heavy Vehicle Factory Steel Profiles, which were previously imported, for the T90 tanks. These specialized steel sections are characterized by exceptional toughness and strength, vital for the performance and durability of military vehicles in combat scenarios.

In addition to steel profiles, Krishna Defence has developed Bukhari Space Heating Devices. The company recently secured an order worth ?65 Crore for these products, which are used by the Army at high altitudes to provide room warming. These heaters are designed to protect against extreme cold temperatures, ensuring the comfort and operational readiness of soldiers stationed in harsh climatic conditions.

Krishna Defence is not content with resting on its laurels and is actively diversifying its product portfolio. The company is setting up a dedicated new factory in Bangalore to produce advanced solutions such as radio frequency and optical fibre solutions. These technologies are critical for modern communication and data transmission needs within the defence sector.

The company is also venturing into the development of Remotely Operated and Autonomous Vehicles (ROVs). These vehicles are expected to play a pivotal role in surveillance, reconnaissance, and other critical operations, providing the armed forces with enhanced capabilities.

Furthermore, Krishna Defence is working on fire-resistant composite doors and hatches. These products are designed to offer superior protection against fire hazards, thereby enhancing the safety and integrity of military installations and equipment.

Krishna Defence & Allied Industries Limited is playing a pivotal role in strengthening India’s defence infrastructure through its specialized products and innovative solutions. The company’s commitment to quality, efficiency, and self-reliance positions it as a key player in the Indian defence sector, ensuring that the country’s armed forces are well-equipped to face future challenges.

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