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Kerala State Electronics Development Corporation Limited (KELTRON) has successfully delivered “Maareech,” an advanced torpedo decoy system (ATDS), to the Indian Navy. This indigenously developed system bolsters the Navy’s underwater defence capabilities.

Maareech is a testament to collaborative innovation in India’s defence sector. The underwater arrays for the system were designed by the Naval Physical and Oceanographic Laboratory (NPOL) in Kochi. Keltron Controls, located in Aroor, undertook the manufacturing of the system. Finally, Bharat Electronics Limited (BEL) in Bangalore integrated the ATDS before its deployment by the Indian Navy.

Maareech serves as a critical line of defence against torpedo attacks. The system is equipped to detect, classify, and deploy countermeasures against incoming torpedoes, effectively safeguarding Indian Navy vessels.

The successful development and deployment of Maareech mark a significant milestone in India’s defence indigenization efforts. It showcases the country’s ability to design, manufacture, and integrate advanced defence systems domestically. This not only enhances the Navy’s defence capabilities but also fosters self-reliance in critical technological areas.

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