In his latest address to the parliament, Prime Minister Narendra Modi delivered scathing remarks targeting the Gandhis and India’s first Prime Minister, Jawaharlal Nehru.

During his final speech in parliament before the upcoming elections, PM Modi took direct aim at Rahul Gandhi and his great grandfather, criticizing Rahul’s “Mohabbat ka Dukaan” campaign and accusing Nehru of lacking faith in the potential of the Indian people.

Additionally, Modi attributed the situation in Jammu and Kashmir to Nehru’s policies, suggesting that Kashmiris have paid a heavy price for his perceived mistakes. This critique comes amid the BJP’s assertion of successfully handling the aftermath of Article 370’s abrogation, citing it as a significant achievement.

Throughout his address, the Prime Minister reiterated the BJP’s stance on the Jammu and Kashmir issue, underlining its importance in the party’s agenda.