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Kalyani Steel Limited, a leading player in the Indian aerospace and defense sector, is set to establish titanium metal and aerospace components manufacturing plant at Gajamara in Odisha’s Dhenkanal district. This significant project holds immense potential for India’s aerospace ambitions and Odisha’s economic development.

The plant, with an investment of Rs 26,000 crore, will place India on the global map of titanium products, a segment expected to witness phenomenal growth in the coming years. Titanium, known for its strength, lightweight properties, and resistance to corrosion, is a crucial material in aircraft manufacturing. This project will enable India to not only meet its domestic needs but also cater to the international demand for high-quality titanium products.

The project is expected to create thousands of high-skilled jobs in various fields like metallurgy, engineering, and manufacturing. To bridge the skill gap and ensure a qualified workforce, Kalyani Steel can collaborate with local ITIs and polytechnics. Upskilling initiatives targeted towards auto-components, specialty steel, and alloys manufacturing will not only benefit the project but also contribute to the overall skilling landscape of Odisha.