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According to a report in ” Business Standard”, Kalyani Strategic System has won an order to supply nearly 100 units of 155 mm, 39 caliber howitzers mounted gun systems (MGS) from Armenia that are to be executed in the next 3 years. Kalyani in its Press Release had only confirmed that it has won a deal worth USD 155.5 million but had refused to reveal the client or the gun details.

TC-20 which is likely to be supplied to Armenia is a steel version of MArG 155 mm / 39 calibers ULH that weighs about 6.8 tons and has a range of 24.7 km, with assisted ammunition it can hit a target at a 30Km range.

One Truck-mounted MArG TC-20 has been delivered to the Indian Army for Internal trials and it is expected that more orders will be placed by the Army, Since it is developed specifically for high-altitude operations. In 2020 Nagorno-Karabakh war in the disputed region of Nagorno-Karabakh and the surrounding territories, involving Azerbaijan and Armenia was fought in a relatively flat south where it lost most of its territories. Armenia fears that since the mountain enclave in the north was heavily fortified and difficult to fight might be next to be targeted hence MArG TC-20.

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