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In response to the recovery of Chinese and American weapons from Pakistani-backed terrorists in the Kashmir Valley, Jammu and Kashmir’s Director General of Police (DGP) R R Swain announced on Friday that the police force is upgrading its arsenal with the latest arms from Israel and Germany. This move aims to equip the police with advanced weaponry to better tackle militants armed with modern weapons.

DGP Swain emphasized the necessity of this procurement to boost the police force’s capabilities. “The new procurement of arms from Israel and Germany will give a boost to the police forces’ weaponry and also help tackle the enemy in a much better way. Terrorists can give us a leg cut but can’t defeat us,” he asserted.

The DGP’s statement comes in the wake of recent encounters in the region, highlighting the increasing sophistication of militant weaponry. In two significant operations in Kathua and Doda, five foreign militants were killed, and three US-made M-4 carbines were among the weapons recovered from them.

DGP Swain also made it clear that the police are prepared to confront foreign militants aggressively. “The police are ready to take on foreign militants in Jammu and will not shy from firing the first bullet,” he declared, underscoring the force’s commitment to maintaining security and taking proactive measures against terrorist threats.

The procurement of advanced arms from Israel and Germany is a strategic move to level the playing field against militants equipped with sophisticated weapons. By enhancing their arsenal, the Jammu and Kashmir police aim to ensure a more effective response to security challenges in the region.