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Jammu and Kashmir Government on Friday dismissed an employee under Article 311 of the Constitution of India for his involvement in anti-national activities. Article 311 of the Constitution of India provides for the dismissal of a person employed in civil capacities under the Union or a State. The activities of the employee as per the official communique, namely, Manzoor Ahmed Laway, resident of Manzgam, D H Pora, District Kulgam, a teacher in the education department, had come to the adverse notice of law enforcement and intelligence agencies.

They found him involved in activities prejudicial to the interests of the state, such as involvement in terror related activities. Manzoor Ahmed Laway is involved in two FIRs registered at Police Station DH Pora, Kulgam and was one of the instigators who along with his associates instigated a mob on 09.07.2016 to cause damage and destruction to Government property and in the process, the mob marched towards Police Station DH Pora and looted Arms, Ammunition and other Government property from police station and later set the police station on fire.

In another incident on 10.09.2016, the subject along with his associates, led a mob that resorted to stone pelting on a joint party of police and security forces in which gunmen from amongst the mob fired indiscriminately upon the police party.

Manzoor Ahmed Laway as teacher had the responsibility to guide the students not to indulge in activities directed against the security of the state and when the subject is himself instrumental in fomenting secessionism among the student fraternity, then his role as a teacher does not serve the purpose for which he has been appointed to Government service. The release further stated that the Government has adopted a Zero tolerance policy towards anti-national elements who have been taking advantage of being in Government service. Before this, 56 government officials were dismissed by invoking the provisions of Article 311 of the Constitution of India. U