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In a recent report released by Surfshark, a leading provider of VPN services, notable insights into internet restrictions and shutdowns across various regions have come to light. The report highlights a significant decline in internet disruptions in Jammu & Kashmir during the year 2023, marking a notable departure from the previous year’s figures.

According to the findings, Jammu & Kashmir experienced only four short-term internet shutdowns or restrictions to mobile network services throughout 2023. This represents a stark decrease from the 42 instances recorded in 2022, signaling a positive trend toward greater internet accessibility and connectivity in the region.

However, despite the improvements in Jammu & Kashmir, India as a whole ranked second in terms of internet restrictions attributed to protests, with a total of eight recorded instances in 2023. Among these instances is the ongoing mobile data service suspension in specific districts of Manipur, a northeastern state in India.

In Manipur, several districts have been grappling with mobile data restrictions since May 2023, disrupting the daily lives and communication of residents. While the restrictions were lifted in most areas by December 2023, certain border regions continue to face ongoing limitations on mobile data services. What’s more concerning is that these restrictions are being reimposed in 15-day intervals, exacerbating the challenges faced by local communities and hindering their access to vital online resources and communication platforms.