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In a recent revelation that has sparked international intrigue, the discovery of crashed Israeli missiles in Iraq has shed light on covert military operations and heightened tensions in the Middle East. The missiles in question have been identified as Rafael Sparrow Blue air-launched ballistic missiles, implicating Israel’s involvement in a significant airstrike against Iran. This development not only underscores the clandestine nature of regional conflicts but also raises questions about the extent of Israel’s military actions beyond its borders.

The Rafael Sparrow Blue missiles, is an Israeli medium-range air-launched ballistic missile produced by Rafael Advanced Defense Systems. The missile is currently used as a target missile to test the Arrow anti-ballistic missile system. However, their presence in Iraq suggests a different purpose altogether – one that involves offensive maneuvers against perceived threats in the region. These reports allege this points to Israeli F-16I Sufa fighter jets being involved in an airstrike targeting Iran. However, there are key inconsistencies that cast doubt on these claims.

F-16I Sufa fighters are not typically used for launching ballistic missiles. Their role lies primarily in air-to-air combat and air-to-ground missions using various types of bombs and missiles. But this missiles have been seen on the F-15.

Images depicting the remnants of the missiles, scattered across the Al-Aziziya area of the Wasit Governorate in Iraq, confirms these missiles in multiple locations further complicates the narrative, hinting at a coordinated and wide-ranging operation with implications beyond Iraq’s borders. The precise circumstances surrounding their crash remain shrouded in secrecy, adding to the mystery surrounding the incident.