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The Islamic State Khorasan Province (ISKP), a branch of the Islamic State militant group operating in Afghanistan and Pakistan, has released a new propaganda video critical of the Taliban’s engagement with India.

The 18-minute video, delivered in Pashto, utilizes a storytelling format from the perspective of a possible Indian fighter within ISKP ranks. This approach aims to resonate with viewers in Afghanistan and potentially inspire militants there.

The content of the video likely criticizes the Taliban for:

  • Protecting Hindu and Sikh minorities and their religious sites in Afghanistan.
  • Engaging with the Indian government, including offering assurances regarding diplomatic missions and reconstruction aid.
  • Appeasing the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) government in India.
  • Seeking economic benefits like infrastructure development projects from India.

ISKP’s narrative aims to delegitimize the Taliban’s claim to represent a pure Islamic state by highlighting their cooperation with a country they view as hostile. The video likely emphasizes points previously used by ISKP in its anti-India propaganda efforts, such as portraying the Taliban as betraying the cause of “jihad” against Hindus.

This propaganda release comes amidst ongoing tensions between ISKP and the Taliban. The Taliban consider ISKP a serious security threat and have clashed with them on numerous occasions. ISKP, on the other hand, views the Taliban as insufficiently radical and seeks to undermine their control in Afghanistan.