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Reports from the Open-Source Intelligence (OSINT) community suggest Iran’s S-300PMU2 air defense system in Isfahan may have been damaged in a recent Israeli attack. While Iran operates the S-300PMU2 system, the specific radar targeted is believed to be a 30N6E2, also known as the Tomb Stone radar.

The New York Times, citing its analysis of satellite imagery, reported that a precision strike on the Eighth Shekari Air Base in Isfahan damaged or destroyed a “flap-lid” radar, a crucial component of the S-300 system used for tracking incoming targets.

The report highlights the targeted nature of the attack, with minimal damage to surrounding areas despite the air base’s proximity to sensitive sites. This precision points towards a deliberate Israeli effort to neutralize a specific part of Iran’s air defense system.

While the reports and analysis suggest damage to the S-300 radar, independent confirmation from Iranian authorities is currently unavailable. The extent of the damage and the operational status of the remaining S-300 components in Isfahan also remain unclear.