Developer and manufacturer of electric aircraft tugs for aircraft and helicopters based out of Germany ” Mototok” has sent its electrically powered towing tugs for product demonstration onboard India’s Aircraft carrier where it was seen moving deck-based Mig-29K fighter jet to its position by a Radio remotely controlled operator.

Mototok LB Series can move aircraft weighing 50 tons with the nose wheel of the aircraft that’s not weighing more than 7.5-tons. LB-series comes with a Full electric drive, Radio remotely controlled operation using only one operator that can park aircraft in congested spaces like the deck of an aircraft carrier much more tiddly without wasting space.

India has been using conventional tow tractors with tow bars on aircraft carriers like INS Vikramaditya where Turning the nose wheel is only possible when the aircraft is moved backward or forwards. Such traditional equipment requires two or three-man operations and the aircraft has to be moved several meters for the nose gear to turn and move the aircraft into another direction. This in turn increases the space needed for extensive maneuvering.

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