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The Indian Navy’s flagship aircraft carrier, INS Vikrant, is set to make its debut at Milan 2024, the largest-ever multilateral naval exercise hosted by India. This participation marks a significant milestone for the Indian Navy and showcases the nation’s growing capabilities in indigenous defense technology.

INS Vikrant, recently completed its installation of critical systems at Cochin Shipyard Limited, including:

Strengthened Defenses:

  • LR-SAM (Long Range Surface-to-Air Missile): This joint development by India’s DRDO and Israel’s IAI provides advanced air defense capabilities against aircraft, missiles, and drones.
  • MF-STAR (Multi-Function Active Phased Array Radar): Manufactured by IAI, this state-of-the-art radar offers superior detection and tracking performance, supporting air and surface operations.
  • SHAKTI Electronic Warfare (EW) Suite:¬†Developed by DRDO, this comprehensive suite protects the carrier from electronic threats and enhances situational awareness.

With these crucial upgrades, INS Vikrant signifies a major milestone in India’s journey towards self-reliance in defense technology. The IAC, boasting a deep displacement of approximately 45,000 tonnes, stands as the country’s most ambitious warship project and a symbol of its growing maritime prowess.

Milan 2024, scheduled for February 19-24, will see the participation of navies from over 40 countries, including warships, submarines, and aircraft. INS Vikrant’s involvement in this prestigious exercise underscores its operational readiness and serves as a platform to showcase India’s indigenous shipbuilding capabilities on the global stage.