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The Indian Navy’s INS Talwar, the lead ship of its Talwar-class frigates, has been spotted sporting a new upgrade – the formidable BrahMos supersonic cruise missile. This development marks a significant enhancement in the frigate’s firepower.

Originally commissioned in 2003, the Talwar class, including the first ship INS Talwar, was equipped with the UKSK (Universal Shipboard Launching System) firing the Klub anti-ship cruise missiles. These missiles, while potent, offered a range and capability that the BrahMos now surpasses.

The BrahMos is a game-changer. This Indo-Russian joint venture produces a supersonic cruise missile with a reported range exceeding 290 km, significantly outranging the Klub. This upgrade strengthens the INS Talwar’s offensive capabilities, allowing it to engage targets at greater distances.

The Talwar class, while a modified version of the Russian Krivak III-class frigates, boasts a unique blend of origin. While much of the initial equipment was Russian-made, a substantial portion of the systems onboard are Indian. This blend reflects India’s growing self-reliance in defense technology.

The news of the BrahMos upgrade comes alongside reports of the Talwar class undergoing modernization to accommodate Universal Vertical Launching Systems (UVLM). These launchers offer greater flexibility in missile selection and storage compared to the original launchers.