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The Russian-origin INS Sindhuratna diesel-electric submarines have successfully returned to Mumbai after undergoing a protracted major refit in Russia. The submarine underwent a comprehensive upgrade at the Naval Dockyard in Russia and subsequently embarked on a challenging 97-day return journey through the Norwegian Sea, English Channel, and the Mediterranean Sea before reaching Mumbai on May 16th.

INS Sindhuratna faced a significant accident in February 2014, resulting in the unfortunate loss of two officers. However, the submarine had been scheduled for a “medium refit-cum-life extension” upgrade at Severodvinsk long before the Russia-Ukraine war erupted almost a year ago. Due to the ongoing conflict, transportation and logistical challenges arose, causing delays in the submarine’s return.

Nevertheless, after completing the extensive refurbishment in Russia, INS Sindhuratna began its demanding voyage back to its homeport in Mumbai. The submarine’s journey encompassed treacherous waters, including the Norwegian Sea, the English Channel, and the Mediterranean Sea. Despite the challenges posed by the transport disruptions linked to the Russia-Ukraine war, INS Sindhuratna safely arrived in Mumbai.

With INS Sindhuratna’s return, the Indian Navy gains a revitalized asset capable of contributing to its operational readiness and maritime security objectives. The submarine’s upgraded systems and extended lifespan will bolster India’s naval capabilities and ensure the nation’s maritime interests are effectively protected.

As the submarine settles back into its operational role, the Indian Navy can leverage the advanced capabilities of INS Sindhuratna to enhance its presence and vigilance in the Indian Ocean region. The successful refit and return of the submarine serve as a testament to the Indian Navy’s dedication to maintaining a modern and potent fleet.

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