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The Indian Navy’s frontline destroyer, INS Mysore, part of the Eastern Fleet, celebrated its Silver Jubilee on June 2nd, marking 25 years of distinguished service to the nation.

The second ship of the indigenously designed and built Delhi class destroyers, Mysore, has played a vital role in the Indian Navy. The ship has participated in numerous critical missions and operations, earning a reputation for yeoman service.

As part of the Madras Regiment, INS Mysore is affiliated with a long and illustrious tradition within the Indian Navy.

To commemorate this significant milestone, the crew of INS Mysore organized a blood donation camp, with participation from over 250 personnel and their families.

We extend our heartfelt wishes to Team Mysore. May the crew of the “Mighty Mysore” continue their successful endeavors, adhering to their motto, ‘Na Bhibheti Kadachan,’ which translates to “Always Fearless.”