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India’s Second Arihant-class nuclear-powered missile submarine will be inducted into the Indian Navy by mid of 2023 after clearing multiple sea trials. The addition of INS Arighat will improve India’s strategic deterrence posture by strengthening the country’s nuclear triad.

6,000-tonne SSBN is the same as its lead ship Arihant in terms of displacement and dimensions but the submarine is a vastly improved variant with the incorporation of more advanced systems than its predecessor including many improvements in its ingenious content.

S4*, also called ” Stretched Arihant ” India’s 4th SSBN is set to quiet launch by late 2023 where it will shift from its dry docks at Ship Building Center in Visakhapatnam to Fitting out dock. Last year S4 was launched and was sported in satellite imagery which confirmed that it had a 7,000-tonne displacement and an additional length to accommodate submarine-launched ballistic missile missiles (SLBM) with a longer range like K-5.

Launch of S4 and S4* will clear the way for Indian Naval designers to start work on India’s 3rd generation nuclear-powered missile submarine which is known as S5-Class which will have a 13000-tonne displacement that will accommodate K5 and K6 SLBM with a range over 8000km.

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