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The Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) has announced significant progress on its Light Tank project, codenamed Zorawar. Dr. Samir V Kamat, Secretary of Department of Defence R&D and Chairman of DRDO, confirmed that the tank is currently undergoing rigorous internal testing at Larsen & Toubro’s (L&T) Hazira facility.

Designed for rapid deployment in challenging terrains, the Zorawar prioritizes mobility. It achieves this through a combination of strategic air transportability, extended cruising range, and exceptional maneuverability with low ground pressure. This allows the tank to be swiftly operational in even the most remote locations.

The Zorawar isn’t just about getting places. It boasts a high power-to-weight ratio, translating to agility and swift combat maneuvers. Additionally, it packs superior firepower, robust protection systems, advanced surveillance capabilities, and enhanced communication features. This combination creates a versatile platform for the modern battlefield.

The Zorawar is equipped to handle a wide range of threats. Its lethal firepower allows it to neutralize enemy armored vehicles, engage low-flying helicopters, and demolish enemy strongholds and fortifications.

The Zorawar is currently undergoing extensive internal testing at L&T Hazira, focusing on automotive performance, software functionality, stabilization systems, and various other crucial aspects. This initial phase will be followed by summer field trials, putting the tank through its paces in real-world conditions.

Following the summer trials, the Zorawar will face its ultimate test – high-altitude deployment. This will comprehensively evaluate its ability to function effectively in the harsh and demanding conditions of India’s mountainous regions.

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