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India’s most critical submarine acquisition project, Project 75 (India) or P75(I), faces fresh delays due to a hurdle related to a key criterion. Potential foreign vendors are struggling to meet this requirement, impacting the project’s timeline.

The program aims to construct six advanced conventional submarines with superior sensors, weapons, and a vital technology – Air Independent Propulsion (AIP). This technology allows submarines to stay underwater for extended durations without surfacing, enhancing their stealth and operational range.

Initial interest from the German firm ThyssenKrupp Marine Systems (TKMS) offered a promising start. However, another contender, Navantia of Spain, has encountered difficulties in fulfilling a crucial aspect of the project: possessing a proven AIP system.

To guarantee a fair and transparent selection process, the Indian government might postpone the acquisition until Navantia finalizes its AIP technology. This approach would ensure a level playing field for all contenders and prevent potential legal complications that could arise from a single-vendor scenario.

The delay highlights the complexities involved in acquiring advanced defence technology. While it might postpone the project’s timeline, prioritizing a robust selection process is crucial for securing the most effective submarines for the Indian Navy.

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