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Chennai-based Agnikul Cosmos, a private space startup, is poised for a major milestone. This Friday, they plan to test-fire their indigenously developed rocket, Agnibaan SOrTeD (Suborbital Tech Demonstrator).

The 580-kilogram Agnibaan will take off from Sriharikota. This first test flight will focus on reaching a suborbital altitude of 20 kilometers before returning and splashing down in the Bay of Bengal. The rocket can potentially carry a payload of up to 7 kilograms.

According to Moin SPM, co-founder of Agnikul Cosmos, Agnibaan SOrTeD is powered by a semi-cryogenic engine that utilizes a unique blend of readily available fuels: commercially available aviation turbine fuel (essentially kerosene) and medical-grade liquid oxygen.

This test flight signifies a crucial step for Agnikul Cosmos as they inch closer to achieving orbital launches in the future. The data collected during the Agnibaan SOrTeD mission will be instrumental in validating key technologies for their upcoming orbital vehicles.