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Lieutenant General P R Shankar (Retd.) recently addressed a Southern Command seminar on National Security and Building Bharat. During his speech, he revealed details about the ongoing development of a next-generation ramjet-powered artillery shell by the Indian Institute of Technology Madras (IIT Madras) and the Army Design Bureau (ADB).

Lt Gen Shankar confirmed that a test of the 155mm ramjet shell was conducted last month at Balasore. While the test was not entirely successful, it provided valuable data for further development. The team is currently working on a 10th-12th iteration of the design, which is expected to be ready soon.

This news comes after the successful firing of a half-scaled model of a 76mm ramjet shell at the Deolali firing range six months ago. This earlier test established the core technology behind the project.

Ramjet engines utilize airflow for combustion, allowing for extended range compared to traditional artillery shells. This next-generation Indian project aims to significantly increase the firing range of artillery while potentially maintaining compatibility with existing howitzer systems.

The news of the ongoing development and upcoming iteration of the ramjet shell is a positive sign for India’s efforts to modernize its artillery capabilities. With successful testing and further refinement, this technology could provide the Indian Army with a significant advantage on the battlefield.

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