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The Ministry of Defence, Government of India, has announced its intent to procure 6,175 Multi-Spectral Camouflage Nets (MSCN) for High Altitude Areas, including Barren Mountains and Snow Bound Areas. This procurement initiative seeks participation from prospective bidders to provide this specialized equipment, designed to enhance the concealment and protection of critical military assets in challenging terrains.

The MSCN for High Altitude Areas (HAA), specifically Barren Mountains and Snow Bound Areas, is crafted from specially developed polymer-coated fabric with a disruptive pattern. The primary objective is to create a camouflage net that seamlessly blends with diverse environmental terrains while suppressing signatures in various ranges of the electromagnetic spectrum, including Visual, Infrared (IR), Thermal Infrared (TIR), and radar.

Key features and specifications of the MSCN for High Altitude Areas include:

  1. Visual Range:
  • Wavelength Range: 380 to 780 nm.
  • Reduction of object recognition by 70% at specific distances during day and night.
  1. UV Range:
  • Wavelength Range: 300 to 380 nm.
  • Minimum reflectivity index of 60% under laboratory conditions.
  1. NIR Range:
  • Wavelength Range: 800 to 1200 nm.
  • Reduction of object recognition by 70% at a distance of 300m when viewed through Passive Night Vision (PNV) devices.
  • NIR Reflectance:
    • Olive Green: (45 + 10)%.
    • Light Green: (55 + 10)%.
    • Un-dyed Hemp (Sand): (40 + 10)%.
    • Dark Brown: < 25%.
    • Slate Grey: < 25%.
    • White: > 60%.
    • Light Brown: < 35%.
  1. TIR Range:
  • Wavelength Ranges: 3µ to 5µ and 8µ to 12µ bands.
  • Maximum thermal transmission of 20%.
  • Maximum temperature difference of less than 10°C during thermal loading.
  1. Radar Transmission:
  • Minimum transmission loss of 6 dB (3 dB one way) in the centimetre and millimetre wavelength bands (2-18 GHz).

This comprehensive set of specifications aims to provide advanced camouflage capabilities for critical military equipment, including tanks and radars, operating in challenging high-altitude environments. The MSCN is designed to minimize the chances of recognition by enemy surveillance devices across various segments of the electromagnetic spectrum.

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