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The collaboration between the Defense Research and Development Organization (DRDO) and Larsen & Toubro (L&T) in developing India’s Light Tank under Project Zorawar is making significant progress, with the anticipated rollout of the prototype expected by the end of this month or the early weeks of December.

Last year, at the Defence Expo 2022 in Gujarat, DRDO unveiled the first-scale model of the 25-ton Light Tank under development. The upcoming tank is designed to cater to diverse operational requirements, offering mobility and firepower in various scenarios.

According to reports from the Economic Times and Times Now, there have been recent developments in the tank’s propulsion system. Originally planned with a German-origin MTU engine, the prototype will now feature the Cummins Advanced Combat Engine (ACE). While official reasons for this change remain undisclosed, speculation points toward potential supply chain challenges, necessitating a swift alteration. The indigenous 1000hp ACE is currently in development and is expected to serve as the final powerplant for the production version of the tank.

The Zorawar Light Tank will be equipped with a Belgian Cockerill 105mm high-pressure gun, providing it with formidable firepower. The Cockerill 105mm gun is capable of firing all NATO-standard 105mm types and supports Gun Launched Anti-Tank Guided Missiles. The integration of this advanced weaponry enhances the tank’s anti-armour capabilities, making it well-suited for modern battlefield requirements.

The upcoming rollout of the Zorawar Light Tank prototype marks a crucial milestone in India’s efforts to bolster its Armoured capabilities through indigenous development.

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