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In a significant stride towards enhancing its armored warfare capabilities, the Indian Army has unveiled ATHARVA, a unique hybrid tank that seamlessly combines the main body of the T-72 tank with the advanced turret of the T-90 Bhishma. This hybrid marvel, which underwent trials in India last year, represents a strategic integration of two formidable tank models, offering a promising blend of power, agility, and cutting-edge technology.

ATHARVA’s distinctive feature lies in its innovative fusion of the T-72 tank hull with the T-90 tank turret. This integration aims to leverage the strengths of both tanks, combining the battle-tested reliability of the T-72 with the advanced features of the T-90 Bhishma turret. The result is a formidable hybrid tank that promises enhanced performance across various parameters.

The integration brings about several changes in the tank’s parameters. While the engine power remains at 780 horsepower, but the tank’s weight has increased by 2 tons. Not using engine from the T-90 Bhishma’s 1000 horsepower engine might be considered a drawback, but the ATHARVA compensates with additional features and modernization.

Let’s delve into a comparative analysis of key parameters between the T-72, T-90, and the retrofitted ATHARVA:

  1. Engine Power (HP):
    • T-72: 780
    • T-90: 1000
    • ATHARVA: 780
  2. Weight (Ton):
    • T-72: 43.8
    • T-90: 46.5
    • ATHARVA: 45.8
  3. Power-to-Weight Ratio (HP/Ton):
    • T-72: 17.8
    • T-90: 21.8
    • ATHARVA: 17.3
  4. Max Speed (KMPH):
    • T-72: 48
    • T-90: 57
    • ATHARVA: 45
  5. Gradient Negotiation:
    • T-72: 30°
    • T-90: 30°
    • ATHARVA: 29°
  6. Missile Firing Capability:
    • T-72: No
    • T-90: Yes
    • ATHARVA: Yes
  7. Anti-Aircraft Machine Gun (AAMG):
    • T-72: Yes (Manual Control with Less Safety)
    • T-90: Yes
    • ATHARVA: Yes (Automatic with Cor Cupola Closed)
  8. Commander Firing Facility:
    • T-72: No
    • T-90: Yes
    • ATHARVA: Yes

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