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The Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) is making significant progress towards its ambitious Gaganyaan mission, aimed at sending the first Indian astronauts to space. With the second test vehicle now ready and set for transport to Sriharikota next month, the mission is on track for a potential manned flight later this year.

ISRO chief S. Somanath confirmed the readiness of the second test vehicle, highlighting its arrival at Sriharikota next month and preparations for its launch within two months. This vehicle will further validate crucial aspects of the mission, including the low-altitude and high-altitude motors, as well as the emergency crew escape system.

Beyond the test vehicles, ISRO is actively engaged in various critical tasks. Helicopter drop tests are planned for parachute validation, while development and testing of environmental life support systems and astronaut training programs are ongoing. Somanath emphasized the “huge bank of work” that needs completion this year to ensure a successful mission.

Before the manned mission, ISRO plans to launch an unmanned test flight with “Vyommitra,” a female robot astronaut. This crucial step will gather valuable data on the spacecraft’s performance and prepare the ground for the human crew.

The Gaganyaan mission represents a significant milestone for India’s space program, showcasing its technological advancements and aspirations in human spaceflight. The successful completion of the second test vehicle launch and the ongoing preparations across various fronts indicate steady progress towards this historic endeavor.