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In a significant step towards bolstering India’s indigenous defence capabilities, the country is set to receive its first Made in India C295 aircraft in 2026. This momentous achievement follows the Rs 21,000-crore deal signed with Airbus Defence and Space, Spain, in September 2021, marking a major stride in India’s journey towards self-reliance in defence production.

The first 16 C295 aircraft, under the terms of the agreement, will be delivered in ‘fly-away’ condition from Airbus’s final assembly line in Seville, Spain. The delivery process is expected to be completed by September 2025, paving the way for the induction of these advanced aircraft into the Indian Air Force (IAF) fleet.

The production of the Made in India C295 will be carried out by Tata Advanced Systems Limited (TASL), further strengthening the “Make in India” initiative and showcasing the prowess of India’s domestic aerospace capabilities. The handover of the first Made in India C295 to the IAF in 2026 will mark a significant milestone in the nation’s pursuit of self-sufficiency in defence manufacturing.

Under the stipulations of the deal, all contracted aircraft are set to be delivered by 2031. However, both the Indian Navy and Coast Guard are moving forward with plans to procure 15 C295 aircraft, thereby ensuring the production line remains operational until 2033. This not only bodes well for India’s defence needs but also positions India as a significant player in the global aerospace industry.

In addition to its military applications, the C295 is gaining attention for its versatility and potential for civilian use. The Border Security Force (BSF) is contemplating ordering two C295 aircraft for VVIP and troop movement. Furthermore, several Indian commercial jetliners are exploring the possibility of ordering the civilian variant of the C295 for short-haul travel within the country. This highlights the aircraft’s adaptability and potential to revolutionize various sectors of India’s aviation landscape.

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