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In a significant stride towards enhancing its national security, India’s Ballistic Missile Defense (BMD) coverage is visibly expanding, with recent developments indicating an extension to major cities in the southern region. The expansion comes on the heels of the completion of Phase I, which saw the installation of a Long-Range Tracking Radar series in strategic locations, including Udaipur, Madhya Pradesh, Uttarakhand, and Rajasthan.

Satellite images have now confirmed a new site near Bangalore featuring the ELM-2090S Spectra, an Active Electronically Scanned Array (AESA) air defense radar. This development signifies a notable augmentation of India’s BMD coverage, originally intended for the Delhi-NCR Region and Mumbai. The extension of coverage to major cities in the south, such as Bangalore and Chennai, underscores the nation’s commitment to fortifying its defenses against potential ballistic missile threats.

The Defense Research & Development Organisation (DRDO), responsible for India’s missile defense program, has successfully completed Phase-I and has commenced testing for longer-range Interceptor missiles under the Phase-II program. The recently conducted maiden flight-test of the Phase-II Ballistic Missile Defence interceptor AD-1 missile marked a significant milestone in India’s BMD journey. The test took place on November 2, 2022, from APJ Abdul Kalam Island off the coast of Odisha.

The AD-1 interceptor missile is designed to operate in both low exo-atmospheric and endo-atmospheric conditions, allowing interception of long-range ballistic missiles as well as aircraft. Propelled by a two-stage solid motor and equipped with an indigenously-developed advanced control system, navigation, and guidance algorithm, the AD-1 aims to precisely guide the interceptor vehicle to its target.

The successful integration of all BMD weapon system elements, strategically located across different geographical locations, showcases the collaborative efforts involved in advancing India’s missile defense capabilities. The expansion of BMD coverage to southern cities aligns with the evolving threat landscape, ensuring a more comprehensive defense shield for the nation.

As India progresses into Phase II of its BMD program, the focus on developing two new interceptor missiles emphasizes a commitment to staying at the forefront of ballistic missile defense technology. This proactive approach reflects the nation’s dedication to fortifying its defenses against evolving threats and securing a safer future.

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