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Sensing an opportunity after Russia’s T-72 struggles in Ukraine, India has unveiled the Atharva, a hybrid tank merging the T-72 chassis with the T-90’s more powerful turret. This upgrade boosts firepower, armor, and situational awareness, potentially addressing concerns raised by the war.

The T-90 turret brings increased firepower, thicker armor, and improved situational awareness, making the Atharva a more formidable opponent. India could offer this modernization package to other T-72 users seeking to revitalize their fleets without replacing them entirely.

The T-90’s improved performance in Ukraine, coupled with Russia’s shift towards manufacturing newer, more capable T-90s, highlights the limitations of the T-72. The Atharva aims to bridge this gap, offering older T-72s enhanced firepower and survivability, potentially improving their battlefield viability.

Loitering ammunition and the war’s performance highlight the need for T-72 upgrades. While many countries have implemented local solutions, the Atharva offers a comprehensive upgrade based on the T-90’s proven capabilities.

Existing T-72 upgrades often fall short of the Atharva’s level of improvement. The T-90 turret, with its superior firepower and armor, gives the Atharva a significant edge. Russia’s own shift towards newer, more effective T-90s validates the platform’s capabilities. The Atharva, by incorporating the T-90 turret, offers similar enhancements to older T-72s.

Despite these uncertainties, the Atharva presents a promising solution for T-72 operators seeking to address the tank’s limitations in the modern battlefield. Its hybrid design leverages the T-90’s strengths while offering a more cost-effective alternative to complete replacements. Whether it becomes a global success story remains to be seen, but the Atharva has undoubtedly sparked interest in the future of T-72 upgrades.

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