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The veil of secrecy surrounding India’s 5th generation AMCA (Advanced Medium Combat Aircraft) program is slowly lifting, revealing glimpses of the cutting-edge technologies being incorporated. One such innovation is the Frequency Selective Surfaces (FSS) radomes being developed by DRDO’s Research Centre Imarat (RCI). 

FSS radomes are not your ordinary radome enclosures for antennas and sensors. They are engineered with metamaterials that possess unique electromagnetic properties.

 These metamaterials can be designed to selectively allow or block specific radio wave frequencies. In the context of the AMCA, the FSS radome allows radar signals to pass through for essential functions like communication and navigation, while simultaneously blocking frequencies used by enemy radars.

By strategically filtering out radar frequencies, FSS radomes significantly reduce the AMCA’s radar signature. This makes the aircraft incredibly difficult to detect on enemy radar screens, ensuring its surprise and survivability in combat.

The FSS radomes maintain transparency for the frequencies critical for the AMCA’s own sensors and communication systems. This ensures the pilot and aircraft can function seamlessly without compromising stealth.

Imagine the AMCA shrouded in a cloak of invisibility for enemy radars. FSS radomes achieve this by acting like a frequency fence, allowing desired signals to pass through while blocking those that would reveal the aircraft’s location and characteristics. This significantly enhances the AMCA’s ability to penetrate enemy airspace undetected.

An effective stealth fighter needs to maintain its operational capabilities. FSS radomes address this by ensuring the AMCA’s crucial sensors and communication systems can function unimpeded while minimizing its overall radar signature.

The development of FSS radomes by DRDO signifies India’s progress in mastering advanced electromagnetics for stealth applications. This indigenous technology positions the AMCA at par with other 5th-generation fighter jets that utilize similar radar-defeating measures.

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