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As light tanks continue to play a crucial role in modern warfare, Two Light Tanks that might face each other in event of the war need Comparative Analysis. both India and China have developed advanced models to enhance their respective military capabilities. India’s indigenous Zorawar Light Tank, developed by Larsen & Toubro (L&T) in collaboration with the Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO), stands as a significant achievement.

In comparison, China’s Type 15 light tank showcases impressive technological advancements. This article provides a detailed comparison between these two cutting-edge light tanks, highlighting their technical specifications, features, and strategic advantages.

Key Features and Capabilities

Zorawar Light Tank:

  • Versatile Platform: The Zorawar Light Tank provides a high power-to-weight ratio, superior firepower, protection, surveillance, and enhanced communication capabilities.
  • Lethal Firepower: It is designed to defeat adversary armor, low-flying helicopters, and destroy strongholds and fortifications.
  • Mobility: With a top speed of 70 km/h and amphibious capabilities, the Zorawar offers significant strategic mobility.
  • Crew Efficiency: The tank operates with a crew of three, ensuring operational efficiency and reduced manpower requirements.
  • Transportability: The ability to be transported by air, rail, and road enhances its deployment flexibility.

Type 15 Light Tank:

  • Advanced Firepower: The Type 15 features a fully-stabilized 105 mm rifled gun with an effective firing range of 3 km, compatible with NATO 105 mm tank ammunition.
  • Autoloader System: The bustle-mounted autoloader reduces the crew to three and supports a sustained fire rate.
  • Ammunition: It holds 38 rounds of various 105 mm shells, including APFSDS, HEAT, HE rounds, and gun-launched ATGM.
  • Penetration Capabilities: The APFSDS projectiles can penetrate 500 mm of armored steel at 2,000 meters. For more protected targets, the 105 mm gun-launched ATGM with tandem HEAT warheads offers higher penetration and a range of 5 km.
  • Modern Sensors and Systems: The Type 15 is equipped with a laser rangefinder, advanced ballistic computer, meteorological sensors, thermal imaging sight, millimeter-wave radar, and commander’s panoramic sight. Its fire control system supports automatic target tracking, hunter-killer capabilities, and commander takeover.
  • Crew Comfort: Features include air conditioning, oxygen-production equipment, command and control equipment, battlefield management system, and navigation suite with INS and satellite navigation.

The Zorawar Light Tank and the Type 15 Light Tank both exemplify the advancements in light tank technology by India and China, respectively. While the Zorawar emphasizes versatility, indigenous development, and strategic mobility, the Type 15 boasts advanced firepower, modern sensors, and enhanced crew comfort. Both tanks, with their unique features and capabilities, significantly contribute to their nations’ defense strategies, showcasing the importance of technological collaboration and innovation in modern military operations.