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EyeROV, a rising star in India’s marine robotics scene, has delivered its EyeROV TUNA observation ROV to Saudi Arabia. This marks a significant development for the company and showcases the capabilities of Indian innovation on the global stage.

The EyeROV TUNA is designed for underwater observation tasks, reaching depths of up to 100 meters and delivering live, high-definition video feeds. Its dual HD cameras provide operators with a clear and comprehensive view in real time, allowing for efficient underwater inspections.

Built for endurance, the TUNA boasts extended battery life and a tether reaching up to 300 meters. This makes it ideal for tackling moderately challenging underwater operations and inspections. The TUNA STD further enhances its versatility by accommodating custom payloads. With a range of compatible attachments and sensors, it can be tailored to specific needs.

EyeROV’s accomplishment highlights India’s growing expertise in marine robotics. The company itself is a leading light in this field, pioneering the development of India’s first commercial underwater drone/ROV – the EyeROV TUNA. This successful deployment in Saudi Arabia bodes well for EyeROV’s future and paves the way for further advancements in Indian underwater technology.

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