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The Johnnette JF-2, a lightweight hand-launched fixed-wing drone, recently impressed during a military exercise in Rajasthan. This drone, deployed by a tank crew, showcased its capabilities as a valuable tool for land forces.

The Johnnette JF-2 boasts several features that make it ideal for battlefield use. First and foremost, its lightweight design and hand-launching mechanism allow for easy deployment by soldiers in the field. Furthermore, its extended 90-minute endurance enables troops to gather vital intelligence over a sustained period.

Built for durability, the JF-2 features a crash-resistant avionics bay, protecting its critical control systems in the event of a rough landing. Additionally, anti-jamming and anti-spoofing technologies safeguard the drone’s signal, ensuring reliable communication and uninterrupted operation in contested environments.

Company recently received orders for its JM-1 Loitering Munition (LM) that can be used for aerial surveillance and target neutralisation by Land and Naval forces. JM-1 has a pneumatic ground-based canister launch mechanism wherein the LM is mounted onto the launch-pipe and once fired pneumatically, JM-1 can loiter with a total endurance of 25 min, and when the target is sighted it can be guided down to destroy the target with the explosive payload it carries from Indian Army.

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