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The Indian Army’s formidable T-90 tanks are about to get even more potent. The Defence Acquisition Council (DAC) has approved the integration of two cutting-edge technologies: the Digital Ballistic Computer (DBC) and the Automatic Target Tracker (ATT). This upgrade promises a significant leap in accuracy and battlefield effectiveness.

Gone are the days of meticulously manual tank positioning. The ATT eliminates this time-consuming process, automatically tracking enemy tanks with unwavering precision. This crucial advantage allows for quicker engagement and a higher chance of hitting the target first.

But the improvements go beyond just tracking. The DBC brings the power of digital precision to the fire control system. It factors in real-time environmental conditions, such as air temperature, wind speed, and even the tank’s internal temperature, to calculate the optimal trajectory for every shot. This translates to pinpoint accuracy, ensuring that each round finds its mark.

This upgrade signifies a significant leap in the Indian Army’s armored capabilities. With the ATT’s relentless tracking and the DBC’s unerring calculations, enemy tanks will find it much harder to hide. This translates to a decisive edge on the battlefield, deterring aggression and safeguarding Indian borders.

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