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Indian defence startup EDITH Defence Systems has unveiled a new innovation to improve situational awareness for soldiers on the battlefield – the ThirdEye. This helmet-mounted tactical wireless camera promises real-time benefits for both soldiers and commanders.

The ThirdEye is a camera designed to be mounted directly onto a soldier’s helmet. It captures real-time video footage of the soldier’s surroundings and transmits it wirelessly to a designated command center. This provides commanders with a crucial first-person perspective of the battlefield, allowing them to make more informed decisions and provide better support to their troops.

By enabling commanders to see what soldiers see, the ThirdEye has the potential to significantly improve battlefield awareness. This can lead to better coordination between troops, faster response times to threats, and ultimately, enhanced soldier safety.

EDITH Defence Systems claims that the ThirdEye can operate for up to 6 hours on a single charge. This ensures soldiers have uninterrupted visual support throughout their missions. Additionally, the camera offers the flexibility of being mounted either on the top or the side of the helmet, depending on soldier preference and operational requirements.

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