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Noida-based Sharang Shakti has unveiled a game-changer in the fight against drone threats: hantR, an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) designed for short-range airborne threat detection, tracking, and capture. As drone technology becomes increasingly accessible and affordable, their potential for misuse by adversaries grows. Small, low-altitude drones can easily infiltrate unprotected airspace, posing a significant security risk. hantR steps in to address this challenge.

This innovative UAV utilizes advanced onboard sensors for self-threat detection and 3D awareness. Its unique net-launching mechanism allows for non-lethal neutralization of drones, following military commands and mission requirements.

Key Features of hantR:

  • Autonomous Detection and Capture: hantR autonomously detects drones, locks onto them, and deploys a net for capture.
  • Enhanced Maneuverability: Advanced algorithms ensure rapid response and stability in complex environments.
  • Kinetic Net Deployment: The compact and long-range net launcher utilizes an algorithm-stabilized system for precise deployment.
  • Deep Neural Network Analysis: Real-time data analysis from electro-optical sensors enables accurate threat identification, 3D awareness, and locked-on tracking.
  • Synced Sensor Technology: Innovative sensor technology provides precise dynamic positional awareness.

hantR represents a significant advancement in drone defense technology. Its non-lethal approach, coupled with its advanced capabilities, offers a safe and effective solution for protecting sensitive airspace from unauthorized drones.

The success of hantR could pave the way for wider adoption of similar technologies in various sectors, from military and law enforcement to critical infrastructure protection. As the drone landscape continues to evolve, innovative solutions like hantR will be crucial in ensuring safety and security.

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